Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brigg's Fields

Brigg's Fields, 2008, oil/panel, is about space, shapes and contrast. The approach to painting in this work is more disciplined with little emphasis on gestural brush strokes and more focus on the formal composition.

When riding around the country-side on my bike I often look at how the edges of tree lines and fields interact with each other and against the sky. In this work, I used the devise of agricultural marks in the yellow fields to lead the viewer's eye into the painting's focal point. Located slightly off-center, the overlapping tree lines intersect with the field.

I like this piece a lot and chose it for the invitation card image for my 2007 Toronto exhibition at Bau-Xi Gallery. The mood of the painting is set by presenting the composition in a warm summer light, and by making the design solid - not unbalanced. I was feeling pretty good that day and I wanted the painting to express that.

(Click on the image for a detailed view)