Friday, January 16, 2009


Joba, 2009, oil/panel, 20" x 20" reflects my ongoing interest in the many shapes and forms that small trees and bushes may take.  I particularly enjoy seeing these massed together in clumps.  

The title of the painting, "Joba", is a fictitious place name.  I often give paintings names that seem to rise up from my subconscious mind while painting.  It's kind of like finding a sound that matches the visual mood I am creating.  In any case, all paintings need some kind of name, and this approach works for me.

The light in this painting is one I gravitate towards quite often.  It is an afternoon light that is warm in color and models the form from the side.  This creates interesting dark zones that I use to "pop" the contrast against a hi-key sky.  The contrast also emphasizes the mass and form of the plants.  There is a suggestion of a farther hillside and some fields.  I keep the view angle low so that the middle distance fields can be suggested with simple horizontals.