Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mappin Estate

Mappin Estate, 2009, oil/panel, 24 x 40 inches.  This painting is being used for my invitation cards for my Seattle exhibition at Foster/White Galleries (June 4, 2009).

The story about this painting is that a collector in Edmonton, Alberta missed out on the opportunity to purchase a similar piece at a show there in 2007. Frustrated that the painting he wanted was no longer available, the collector asked if I would do a variation on the subject.

Doing variations on existing works is an old and long established tradition for artists of all sorts.  I was happy to try, and looked forward to the sale.  As with all self respecting artists, I wasn't about to copy exactly the older painting.  Rather I would use it as a model, but introduce some changes in various aspects such as composition, color and light.  In this case, the first painting was rather dark, kind of "Dutch" in feel.  I used raw umber as the base color.  For my variation, I added more burnt sienna into the base tone.  Alas, this produced a "lighter" and airy feel.  I was not aware that the collector was drawn to the darker aspects of the first piece.  So the sale was not made and the work has ended up in Seattle; where hopefully someone will enjoy owning it.