Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nearing Evansville

Nearing Evansville, 2009, oil/panel, 5.5x8 inches.
This little painting represents my approach to making works "sing" even on a small scale.  Paradoxically, the small paintings can take as long or longer to complete as a large panel.  

There is often a lot of overpainting of the work in order to get just the right "fresh" brush work to jell together into a whole.  

Because the paintings are small, viewers come in close to look at them.  This changes the visual encounter.  A more intimate relationship is established between the marks and the viewer.  Every tiny element, every minuscule mark needs to be "just right" or the thing doesn't work.  Larger paintings are more forgiving in this way.  But small paintings can't miss at any level.  Thus, there is a lot of "retry" attempts until I get the marks. colour, and composition to feel just the way I need them to.