Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feather the Sun - Chia

Feather the Sun, 2005, oil/panel, 36" x 48", private collection.  The current focus on trees is actually an ongoing process.  Here is an example from 2005.  I introduced the hazy sun idea as a way of responding to the contra jour effects I observed on many evening bicycle rides.  The road home was from east to west, often with a setting sun in my eyes.  This made an impression on me and I began to paint suns into hazy ochre skies.

Ilse Grassinger, the director of the Durham Public Art Gallery, wrote the following lines in 2009 for a group show I was in titled Arboreal.

"Robert Marchessault explores contemporary sublime landscape in paintings that repeatedly foreground a single tree, stripped of non-essential visual elements and emptied of any human presence. Poetic and meditative, these trees are the quiet centre of being and a visual invocation of human self-awareness."

Chia, 2005, oil/panel, 60" x 48", private collection.