Monday, August 31, 2009


Witchitawan, 2009, oil/panel, 42" x 48".

The last day of August is here! Hard to believe we're about to enter September. The summer has just whipped by. The trips, painting and gardening have filled my time wonderfully.

All the paintings for my up coming show in Vancouver (Bau-Xi Gallery) are completed, framed and delivered to the gallery. I think it is a pretty good exhibition and hope the collectors agree.

Witchitawan is the first piece that I've made for the upcoming Toronto International Art Fair TIAF . The fair runs from Oct. 22-26 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The gallery booths are located in the North Building. The entrance is located at 255 Front Street West, two blocks west of York Street. The floor plan is viewable here. My paintings will be displayed at two booths, Bau-Xi Gallery and Gallerie de Bellefeuille.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stupa Project Continues

This summer has been busy with driving trips to North American stupas. We travelled to New Mexico and Colorado in June and July (see my blog post from earlier this year). This month we went to Poolsville Maryland, New Jersy and Niagara Falls. Where we photographed some beaututiful stupas. In October our travels will continue with a trip to New York State. In the winter we'll visit Virginia, Arizona and California.

The project is flowing smoothly. At every stupa we meet sanga members who are welcoming and provide both access and a wealth of factual information. Our hope is to begin work on the book itself around Spring time 2010.


New Jersy

Niagara Falls

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tierra Amarilla

"Tierra Amarilla", 2009, oil/panel, 40" x 46".

This summer has been exciting; including two trips south into the USA. In June and July I was in New Mexico and Colorado. I saw some very nice bushy plants in that dry region that inspired this painting. The light in that part of the world is different from Ontario. The contrast is more intense. I've been working on developing a way to represent that light in paint. The two small studies below are examples.

All of these works will be in my upcoming show in Vancouver begining October 3, 2009 at Bau-Xi Galleries.

"Chama", 2009, oil/panel, 11" x 14".

"Sand Bar", 2009, oil/panel, 11" x 14".