Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Toronto International Art Fair 2009

Three Marchessault's at the Bau-Xi Gallery booth, Toronto International Art Fair 2009.

The annual art fair in Toronto was a success. My paintings were shown at two booths (Bau-Xi Galleries & Gallerie de Bellefeuille). The visitors were numerous and appreciative. Sales were concentrated in the mid-size range. I'm looking forward to TIAF 2010!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Hidden Gates

There is a new book available of selected paintings from 2009. The hardcover book is 13 x 13 inches and presents over 20 images in color. You can preview the entire book online in hi-resolution full screen format. Just go to:

Included in the book is an artist's essay in which I explain what I mean by "the hidden gates".

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tierra Sacra

Tierra Sacra, 2009, oil/panel, 32" x 42". (click image for larger view)

On my last trip to New Mexico, I spent a lot of time visiting various places in the north of the state. In the driest parts of the landscape, the only trees that survive are stunted piƱon pines and junipers. These trees pepper the bleached land with a poka-dot pattern.

On one walk, I paused to look around and catch my breath. Before me was something like the image in this painting. In this work I tried to convey the special sense of a moment out of time. I can't explain it really, except to say that for a period I just stood there in silence and was in the presence of this beauty. The quality of the experience was sublime. It was like a glimpse into something very wonderful.

NB* This painting will be presented at the Toronto International Art Fair - 2009, in the Bau-Xi Gallery booth.