Thursday, December 10, 2009


Matin, 2009, oil/canvas, 16" x 22". (click on image to enlarge)

I'm just beginning a new series of paintings that will include water as a key visual element in the compositions. Matin is and early example. I have been excited by the idea of water for years. Often, I will stop when traveling and just stand still before streams, marshes, rivers, lakes and the ocean; absorbed in the light and reflections of water in all its forms. Water is a recurring theme in my dreams. I think it represents the flow and spirit of creativity for me.

Avalon, 2009, oil/panel, 42" x 64". (click on image to enlarge)

Another "muscular tree", as my partner Teresa Cullen, refers to these paintings with full foliage. This one is based on apple trees I saw at the Avalon Organic Apple Orchard in Innisfil. Needless to say, I have synthesized this particular tree from many that I looked at.

Artemisia, 2009, oil/panel, 16" x 21.5" (click on image to enlarge)

This a a new piece in the dusty sage brush series. I am excited by the loose brush work in the woody base of the plant and how it plays off against the defined masses of the foliage. The low point of view is based on my interest in how smaller animals see sage plants as trees, whereas we humans see them as bushes. The idea of these things being "wind whipped" for years is still a driving force behind the composition. As I design the painting I imagine how the wind might shape the plant.

Chakopaki, 2009, oil/panel, 36" x 48". (click on image to enlarge)

This new work is really about mass presented in light. I love bushy trees and the sculptural forms they can take. Nature presents endless variations and I am inspired to make paintings that celebrate this. The golden evening light warmly caresses the form and sets up an envelop that surrounds it.

Esperanza, 2009, oil/panel, 16" x 24". (click on image to enlarge)

The title of this painting speaks to my feelings when creating it. The formal shape and the high key colors work that end of the emotional spectrum.