Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tuju Bella & East Vaudrin

Tuju Bella, 2010, oil/panel, 64" x 42" (click to enlarge)

I will be showing some new paintings at my Bau-Xi Gallery exhibition in June 2010 (Toronto). These two will be in the exhibition. I'm going to try out a few new ideas in this upcoming show. The ideas will relate to composition and the definition of form against space. I'm playing around with contrast and the way my eye sees shape/form/mass against mostly empty space.

I've discovered a new paint application tool that is quite exciting. I won't tell you what it is (trade secret, ha ha) but you'll see the effect in the new works to come.

East Vaudrin, 2010, oil/panel, 20" x 50" (click to enlarge)