Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lavender Hills

Lavender Hills, 25" x 24" oil/panel

I will be showing recent work at Art Chicago beginning April 29th, 2010 in the Tanner Hill Galleries booth.  This means that I've been working hard in the studio to create some new pieces.  I already need to supply Gallerie de Bellefeuille (Montreal) with about 7 new works for a small show on July 31.  And then there is my Santa Fe show on October 8th. Thankfully my Toronto show (June 5th) is now complete and drying.  

This means no slacking off if I want to ensure that all venues will have new pieces.  It's quite exciting actually!

Morning Moon, 36" x 48", oil/panel

Wye-Yo-Ming, 36" x 48, oil/panel

Yes, those are little red berries!  First time I decided to include these fruits.  I like the red accents against the cool greens.

High Valley Near Chama, 24" x 48", oil/panel