Thursday, February 11, 2010

New work

Jin, oil/panel, 36" x 48" (click image to enlarge)

The winter is passing quickly.  Here in this part of Ontario we've missed all the big snowstorms (so far).  So with little to shovel, I've been working hard in the studio.  There has been a lot of over-painting since I began my sabbatical from the College at the beginning of the year.  That's good because it means the extra time now is paying off with the opportunity to reflect on the pieces in progress.  I'm often unsatisfied with a day of effort and finish the day by wiping out everything I've done; or over-painting something against the wall that is beginning to "itch" me.

Chippewa, oil/panel, 24" x 60" (click image to enlarge)

This painting is not quite completed.  But there is enough done to place it in the blog.  The work has been extensively re-composed several times.  The shapes, light and mood have been radically re-worked.  But I think it's getting close now.  I measure it against the place I'm thinking off, part of my bicycle route.  It has to resonate with my memories.  I do not paint from photographs, so I measure everything I do against an internal vision that distills over time inside me.

Century, oil/panel, 25" x 24" (click image to enlarge)

These big maples are ubiquitous around where I live.  They are iconic. I keep having a go at this subject because these strong trees are always in my line of sight.  I keep thinking, strength, endurance, massiveness, form, vitality... 

Benchlands, oil/panel, 24" x 60" (click image to enlarge)