Sunday, May 9, 2010


Vertu, 2010, oil/panel, 54" x 48", (click to enlarge)

Spring is presenting me with some interesting atmospheric conditions.  The air is more humid and hazes out differently.  This painting uses that effect to inform and set off the dark masses of foliage.

I like the challenge this presents me.  So I'm working on a few other pieces where the air is rather saturated with water.  Vertu will be in a small exhibition of 10 new works at Galerie de Bellefeuille in Montreal, opening July 31.

Last night I watched a movie, Georgia O'Keeffe (Jeremy Irons and Joan Allen star).  I liked the film a lot.  The scenes from New Mexico made me want to jump on a plane and rush back there.  I do so miss the place.  However, one line really made me smile.  Alfred Stieglitz says to Georgia, "what we do is work, when a rich person buys it, then it becomes art."  Right on!  Well said.