Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer work

The Knoll, 30" x 30", oil/panel (click to enlarge)

It's full summer, it's really hot and humid here in Ontario.  I'm working in the studio, there's no air conditioning, so I've got the ceiling fans going full blast.  However, I never complain about the heat.  Our winter's are too cold and snowy for me to ever get bitchy about warm weather.  

I've been getting paintings ready for various shows and art fairs.  Some of these will go to Santa Fe (McLarry Fine Art) for my October show.  The painting "Windswept Akka" will be sent to Montreal for my July 31 show at Gallerie de Bellfeuille (where pre-sales are going great guns with more than half the show already sold before the invitations have been sent out!) 

I had a wonderful email exchange with an actress/screenwriter in California.  Her comments about my work seemed to pick up something that I often try to make happen in paint.  She said, "I find that I attach your work with an inner sadness...  There is something very spiritual about your pieces for me."  In the painting above, "The Knoll", I think I expressed her perception.  Thanks Amy!

Windswept Akka, 46" x 40", oil/panel

Colony Farm Virginia, 30" x 30", oil/panel

Galestta, 12" x 15", oil/panel