Monday, August 9, 2010

Van Ruysdael

While in Boston I visited the Museum of Fine Arts and discovered a painting by the Dutch painter Salomon van Ruydael.  I was so engaged by his painting of trees and foliage that I spent half an hour studying and analyzing how he was able to so masterfully make the trees come alive.

View of Beverwijk
Salomon van Ruysdael, Dutch, 1600/1603–1670

75.2 x 65.7 cm (29 5/8 x 25 7/8 in.)
Oil on panel

The museum visit was actually a wonderful day spent wandering around the collections in a very open mind state.  This allowed me some great opportunities to synthesize ideas for my own paintings based on hundreds of "wow" moments in front of such great works.

While driving, (actually while my wife is driving), I love to look at the landscape slide by, especially the trees.  I think it is during these times of creative passivity that I find my own visions.

I just learned that my exhibition on now at Gallerie de Bellefeuille in Montreal has just about sold out of the new 2010 paintings I sent there.  Must be something I'm doing this year that collectors like.  There are a number of older pieces from 2008 still at the gallery that seem to not be destined for sales.  I may have them returned to my studio where I can re-work them with some of my new vision and techniques.