Monday, December 27, 2010

Della Norta

Della Norta, 36x48", oil/panel (click to enlarge)

These works will be shown in Nashville in a two person show at the Cumberland Gallery beginning Feb. 25th 2011.  The show is being organized by Tanner Hill Galleries.

This painting above (Della Norta) is one in a long series that makes use of large clouds as a spacial device to contrast against the massive clump of trees and foliage.  I like to contrast of heavy grounded form against air and space.  The composition is formal and centred.  The piece has been completed slowly over the last six months with layers  added and allowed  weeks to dry.

Crimson, 10x12", oil/panel

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Serafini, oil/panel, 24" x 60", 2010
Sage Heart II, 18x22, oil/panel
Jassano, 2010, oil/panel, 24" 24"
Sage Heart I, 2010, 0il/panel, 18" x 22"

It's turning into a tough winter here in the snow belt of Ontario.  Shoveling snow most days has a way of turning me grumpy.  However, next week I leave for Arizona for a 10 day visit to the desert.  I've been looking forward to this return to one of my favorite places.  In anticipation I've been painting images based on previous visits there.  Often the idea for a painting is based on months or years of digesting an experience.  It is not unusual for me to produce images that have gestated for a long time.