Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Summerland, oil/panel, 60" x 40" (click to enlarge)

Tomorrow we are expecting the "Ground Hog Day" snowstorm here in southern Ontario.  So in this bitter winter I feel it is appropriate to be painting images of summer.  (Ha, a true Canadian, some might say.)  Trying to remember the light of a mid summer day when it is cold and grey and snowing outside my window is an interesting and absorbing challenge for me.

Since I do not work from photos as a reference, I must rely on my recollection of what I saw and experienced in summer.  Then I must employ my drawing and painting skills.

The light of the sky, the variations in billowing clouds, the contrast of the foliage against the ground and sky, haze, textures... all of these elements are important.  Plus, there are the non-visual experiences: smell, wind, heat, sounds, the sweat on my back as I ride my bike along the country road.  I try to remember all of these sensations while I paint.

There is nothing else in my painting.  No grand statements.  No manifesto.  No raging against something, someone or some group, idea, political stance.  I just want to be quiet. And still.