Sunday, June 19, 2011

June Efforts

Tumble, 48"x36", oil/canvas(click to enlarge)

The Glimpse, 36"x48", oil/panel
Salem, 18"x30", 2011
Avenmore, 24"x24", oil/panel
Strictly speaking, these are not totally June efforts.  The pieces have been completed in June, but they were begun a while ago.  Some have been worked on for over a year, on and off.  But this month I completed them.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Bau-Xi Gallery sold this painting to LA Designs who are doing the marketing for a swank new condo development at the corner of Avenue Road and Lonsdale in Toronto. (The city is in the midst of condo insanity with more new condos being built here than in any other place in North America.)

I also sold LA Designs limited rights to the image for 3 years.  I was impressed with what they did with it, kind of an homage to Christo.  They wrapped the whole condo presentation centre with the image and close-ups.  The actual painting is in the lobby of the sales office and will eventually hang in the lobby of the condo building.  These will be multi-million dollar condos, too rich for me to live in, but my painting can.

Avendale Presentation Centre, Toronto (click any image to enlarge)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jarrat Red

Jarrat Red, oil/panel, 36" x 48" (click to enlarge)

From Ingram Road, oil/panel, 11" x 14"

I'm getting hooked on red foliage these days.  Jarrat Red, is the most recent experiment with the colour.  I've discovered you can't just squeeze some cad red out of a tube and go.  The reds need a lot of modulation in regards to colour temperature (hot to cool), so I mix a range of added colours to play with the temp.  This moves the spacial sense of whether the red is moving forward or back allowing me to present the form as a three dimensional shape.

Jarrat is a tiny hamlet not far from my studio in Oro Township, ON.