Saturday, June 11, 2011


Bau-Xi Gallery sold this painting to LA Designs who are doing the marketing for a swank new condo development at the corner of Avenue Road and Lonsdale in Toronto. (The city is in the midst of condo insanity with more new condos being built here than in any other place in North America.)

I also sold LA Designs limited rights to the image for 3 years.  I was impressed with what they did with it, kind of an homage to Christo.  They wrapped the whole condo presentation centre with the image and close-ups.  The actual painting is in the lobby of the sales office and will eventually hang in the lobby of the condo building.  These will be multi-million dollar condos, too rich for me to live in, but my painting can.

Avendale Presentation Centre, Toronto (click any image to enlarge)