Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mclarry Show Painting in Progress

I'm preparing for a show at McLarry Fine Art in Santa Fe that begins Sept. 9th.  In addition to my treed landscapes I will be presenting some large water landscapes. These will include rivers and estuaries.  The images below show the under painting of the first river landscape piece for the exhibition.

The under painting is the first layer of an oil painting and is based on a sketch/drawing that lays out the composition and tones.  Under painting is fairly monochromatic but is essential to the subsequent layers that introduce color and some details. It must dry before the next layers are added. The painting is finished with several layers of glazing.

Click any image to enlarge it.

The under painting completed, next layers added after it has dried (about 1 week).  Below is the finished work.

Below: Another painting with some water in it.  For the McLarry Fine Art exhibition.  "Bottom Land and Stream" 20x60in.