Monday, August 22, 2011


Cayuga, 30"x60", oil/panel, (click to enlarge)

River Island, 30"x40", oil/panel
Summer travels to New York City took me via the Finger Lakes and then the Hudson River.  I enjoy visiting New York State, especially because I lived there for seven or eight years when I was growing up.  These two paintings are responses to things I saw during my trip.  I've been working on including water elements in my recent work.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Still Lake

I'm preparing for an exhibition at Bau-Xi Galleries in Vancouver for early March 2012.  This summer I have been expanding my subject range.  The influence of water interests me.  I have been looking at it in many landscape situations, trying to figure out how I can include this mysterious substance in my work.  Below are some new pieces that show some of the ways I'm playing with it right now.  I think all these paintings will go to Vancouver for the show.

Still Lake, 48x48", oil, click to enlarge

Oliphant, 12"x36", oi/panel

Blue Lake, 40"x40", oil/panel