Thursday, January 26, 2012

Milk River

Milk River Islands, 2012, oil/panel, 20" x 60", (click to enlarge)

More experiments with the ideas of rivers, islands, lakes, and sky.  I'm working out both the technical processes and methods for presenting these subjects.  I find the idea of water calming.  It's completely different from my use of solid ground and fields as a support for trees.  These bodies of water and the islands bring in other feelings about mind-states than my "tree shape against sky" work.

My own reason for making paintings is to reflect mind-states using visual metaphors.  So in these recent pieces I'm interested in the idea of isolation, yet each island is loaded with trees and vegetation exploding out and to the edges of the water.  Water is mysterious.  Water connects the islands and riverbanks.  There is something about that "connection" that I want to consider.