Monday, October 29, 2012


Antao, 48"x48", oil/mahogany (click to enlarge)
Continuing to work on the palm tree series.  This is a large version.  I'm also doing multiple panels of three 24x24s.  I'll present those in  later blog post.

These paintings depend on a very gestural beginning.  I use a large heavily charged brush to quickly get a sense of the shapes.  I do not use reference photos, but try to remember what I saw while observing them in place.  The initial gestures need to have that same feeling.  These are not theory-based works, so don't try to think too hard about them.  Just enjoy the sensations.

I'm interested in the abstract qualities of these trees as well as their incredible flexibility in any kind of breeze.  This ensures that the same tree can look different at any given moment.

From a social perspective, I'm enjoying the conditioned response northerners have to this kind of tree.  With our cold dark winters, palms symbolize the idea of "escape", "pleasure" and "leisure" .

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Palm series no.1, oil, 12"x12"

Palm series no.3, oil, 12"x12"

Palm series no.2, oil, 12"x12"

Palm series no.4, oil, 12"x12"
I'm preparing a new exhibition for February at the Bau Xi Galleries in Toronto.  Since it will be the dead of winter then, I am going to show at least 18 palm tree paintings.  I'm working on both small and large ones right now.  Here is a sampling.