Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Emerood, 2013, oil/panel, 40"x30", (click to enlarge)
This painting represents the final piece for my upcoming Feb 9th show at Bau-Xi Galleries in Toronto.  I am trying out new colour possibilities through contrasting the violets in the sky with the emerald greens in the tree.  I've even framed the work with a red toned frame to enhance the colour experience.

The painting below, "Tenque" is a variation on "Emerood" and was painted around the same time.  I often find that I like to take a composition and tweak it.  In some cases this leads to a series.  Other times, the idea will show up repeatedly over the course of several years as I return to it with new discoveries learned in the course of my work.

Tenque, oil/panel, 24" x 16"